Personal summary of the chain to trick confused webmaster friends

two, hyperlink URL can enhance

ZhengZhan weight

3, Shanghai, Shanghai love know love to a high degree of popular encyclopedia words edit and insert a link, this is a high quality, a popular entry if you write is not much used.

should be noted here is a natural increase, and related industries to the best high website text with links, do not use cluster software, because its principle is to submit multiple Webmaster Platform domain, and these data were collected in Shanghai will only love to cross section time disappears, hair too much, it will be natural in the sudden disappearance of K off.

three, description text links can enhance the weight of keywords

after the exploration of multi form text links can only play a lead spider role, or to promote the role of marketing, and will not increase the weight of the website, such as search Q & A, 58 city, go to the market, video website. Why do you say that? Because these stations are added Nofollow label, love Shanghai included in this article will only put it in the relevant domain, can only enhance its website exposure.

description text links including Links and external hyperlinks, this requires us to put more thought, about how to find high quality outside the chain, here I share:

has been in the online still see there are a lot of friends desperately pursuit of 58 city, search Q & a chain release, or even a hair on the 100, but the time passed, his ranking did not change the Cecil, why? And see the author

, in short, to make the chain is a Kung Fu, is not blind to this, often need to study, the high weight of the link will be a rapid increase in the web site in the search engine of the score, I think this is the chain to the secret of one hundred enemy. This paper first A5. Road sweeper 贵族宝贝clczzc贵族宝贝 original release, please keep the link.


, a pure text site outside the chain can enhance the website weight

1 can use instructions: inurl:bbs keywords forum outside the chain signature post content and related sectors contribute, it is effective to reply (no irrigation)

blog will first raise the head, the best month to send the original post, the weights up we can do the chain, an article a can.

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