The annual ranking adjustment of your website is OK


by the end of the Red Sea in the performance of

Baidu is not charity, but also need to make money. As everyone knows Baidu to channel money mainly has two, one is the auction, is a tribute website. Love Shanghai more money by the end of the hub performance, so he put you down the rankings, the stationmaster that call a website no traffic rush ah, how to do? Spend money to do the bidding! Good auction revenue up. Secondly, some sites for love of transgression of money, love Shanghai gave him a very good ranking, now people ranked by you squeeze down, but also tribute love Shanghai? If not pro son, love Shanghai or will protect you.


love Shanghai annual ranking adjustment situation, various situations are also analyzed in the article. Mentioned at the beginning of the pure original site, in a small series of meticulous care.

ranking recovery point the day and await for it!

solution: for this website you can only blame themselves and want to restore the disadvantage of optimization, also need a lot of effort, the first investigation of why K you love Shanghai, is the poor quality, or the site was attacked, or the server is not stable, there is a problem to solve the problem, to maintain good optimization problems one by one investigation. The ranking is still can be restored.

solution: by this reason ranking dropped the result is the core keywords are ranking fell to second, third, but will not fall, there is not much change in the long tail word ranking. Owners do not worry, as long as the regular maintenance is good!

I believe that many webmaster have experienced a similar situation, but what is the reason? What time can I rank back? It is one count:

at the end of 2013, Shanghai began a major adjustment in love once a year, small company’s website also appeared different degree of decline in ranking floating Links website, has been in the red light, the face of the rankings at the end of big adjustment storm, stationmaster friends to your website

to talk about the small series of cases, all ranked a 2 of the weight of the website all fall for the 100, a pile of 1 of the weight of the site have all been K into the slag, of course above sites have obvious optimization problems (content acquisition, long black). Only a normal optimized website (original content, open speed, safety), central keyword ranking are dropped to 2, 3 pages.

One reason:

two: the end of garbage cleaning station

although the love of Shanghai launched a algorithm to promote original, but the role of the chain is still obvious, there is a fish escaped through the seine. The end of the year should also do something, then do not hesitate to refuse station by K, said before a small company of 2 of the weight of the website, the content is completely collected, relying on a strong support for the chain rankings, so the station was K, ranking dropped to 2, not 3 pages. But dropped to 100 after endless. Have a website is always being attacked, a long time has been judged as love Shanghai garbage station swept up 100 after.

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