The construction site outside chain forum signature

chain is actually a big project, it can become an independent project to perform, it is not only Links so single site outside the chain can include many aspects, from many ways, as listed below:

BBS signature chain


blog space chain

9, RSS submitted to the site outside the chain of


trading forum signature disappeared

we all believe that the quality of the chain chain forum and message board is very low. Although I also agree with this, but I think, not because of their low quality and not for, you outside of the chain should be diversified, can not only survive in the high quality level, after all, the number of high quality is quite limited. While many of the low quality of the chain, together, its strength can not be ignored.

now I every day to stroll around the webmaster forum, there are three reasons: one is that you can understand some of the latest webmaster information; two is the number of web experience can learn from others; the three is to increase post BBS signature chain. If more active, can also bring some traffic to your site.

2, web site directory chain

site outside the chain

3, fanchon bookmarks chain

forum signature is meaningful, so there is a business forum signature transaction. Two years ago, the forum signature trading is very hot, usually a ID thousand posts, signature will be acquired, A5 ID had 5000 posts, signature basically can sell 25 ~35 blocks; thousands of posts, a signature link has been able to sell 50 yuan a month.

signature links can be brought to the site outside the chain, this is an indisputable fact, there are many sources outside the chain of the site, in addition to the exchange with other website Links, send articles in other sites or forums with links, blog, and site navigation station outside the chain of these, almost all the rest. From the forum signature, so that the chain effect signature I think it still has great effect.

encyclopedia editors chain

The construction site of

forum signature trading

now has not found another business forum signature, the reason, I think Links forum signature is different, can hang up regardless of the forum, the signature can not be so, if someone else.

including me, I think the construction we generally only care more about their website content, and ignore the construction of the website chain. We at best is to link with friendship, this is only the chain construction work.

8, message board chain

7, the chain

Do you know how many

1, Links exchange chain

6, knowledge quiz website chain

5, Forum

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