nfluence the website keywords ranking five factors important

first, the user experience is king of kings

remember the last time in the search to see the future of video search situation when President sun soso was put forward: the good search engine does not influence the outcome, because we do not know what the search engine is the user wants to know, so the real effect is the user search results. We list the ten search results come out, let the user choose, after a period of time, is the most natural choice for our website users in front row. For a very simple example, when users search for apple, then the search engines do not know the user is looking for is a Apple Corp or the apple fruit.

second, the correlation factors of



then click on the website of Apple Corp, the search engine from the vast majority of users to search the apple when it is for the Apple Corp, so naturally due to the needs of the users to the website of Apple Corp ranking. This is the strength of the user, which is the key site ranking. So the user experience effect as one of the most important keywords ranking. Some friends will say that the user experience of the word sounds a little cloud, can you explain how to do web site user experience. In fact, your website user experience is not good, so ask yourself several questions on the line. Your website can let users get the information they need? The user interested content on your website? Let users also want to once again think? Your website can solve most user problems? This is the legend of the cloud user experience.

why the correlation among the second? Please look at the master’s level of domestic Shanghai dragon explained: "many novice will often ask questions: why is this a" little or no external links to what the PR value, ranking will be good. The web page ranking into the number and the PR value competition of external links in their eyes. Because many times I have said do not pay so much attention to the PR value, it can now be used for my example through a PR value and the relationship between the ranking. If compare with the human ", then" Sister Lotus "of the PR value is high, may be 9 or 10. But when someone is looking for accounting when certain >

we may see this title that is the title of the party, or some friends are interested in coming to see that the effect of five Web site keywords ranking the most important factors didn’t put the chain on the list, but I think you can say what new things. I think that this idea, may be the traditional "content is king, the chain for the implantation of the emperor" this idea deeply its mind. I want to say is a few years ago this idea is true, but the search engine is constantly changing, the former emperor emperor "is no longer today". Five if the chain is not the most important keywords ranking, which is the five most important factors in mind? The author analysis one by one for all

Because most people choose

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