Love Shanghai and 360 search which will develop better

although I hate love Shanghai, but had to search with love in Shanghai, because the habit of love Shanghai, You’ll see., most likely as webmaster and I have this idea

love Shanghai, You’ll see.

review: " 2012 August 360 search quietly on the line, 360 search with its browser in the search market quickly occupied part of the search market, 360 search slogan is: safe, green, the search results for users to feel safe, I think it is because of the 360 security guard for the people! Then after two years the 360 time search development how? China is also very like to know how to save 360 search in reflecting the webmaster circle and circle of users? Today we have a analysis of "

search 360 clean, safe and trusted search engine

With the help of

love Shanghai alone big, domestic users who don’t love Shanghai " ", the phrase used to describe love Shanghai a little too much love, although Shanghai become the overlord, but love is not proud of Shanghai, developed a modest new products and services to the majority of Internet users, twenty-first Century in the information age, love Shanghai you can say contributed. Later in the Tencent and Sohu soso Sogou search engine in the sea before the love is cannot withstand a single blow;

I’m glad to see that the 360 on-line search, search 360 can do together and love Shanghai split the search market, launched 360 search is a good welfare to stationmaster, because of the 360 flow statistics, this is a happy event for the webmaster, for Internet users? Is not happy? In fact, the user does not care about who is the search engine, users only search results; for example, a few days ago because I want to go so near a print shop to print data to save the blog in the domain name for the record, when the shop owner is the computer data query is used 360 search, this print shop with computer is the 360 time in the browser, query data to open the browser, open the browser to see a large search framework of navigation site, naturally query data, I Kanleyihui shop owner to check out the data is very satisfied. So that users only see the search results, do not see is that the search engine;

2000 June love Shanghai love Shanghai search search establishment, content rich search enable users to love Shanghai love to love Shanghai within two years Chinese occupies 50% share of the search; 2002 from Google Chinese, resulting in three search engines to the utmost potential as the opposite of fighting love Shanghai search and YAHOO search, YAHOO does not end love the enemy Shanghai search also exit the market China. Love has finally become Shanghai search search overlord, Losers are always in the wrong. The Legendary Swordsman love Shanghai.

360 browser launched a search engine which is more than love Shanghai advantage. 360 in a short period of time will be second domestic search business, can be said to be 360 of the browser brings; 36>



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