Page optimization techniques should pay attention to what time


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, and on any page optimization or any other Shanghai dragon actually you must first choose the right keywords in your web site. You can learn more about our research on a keyword.

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Meta description


is very important to optimize the title page. The title appears at the top of the browser, and often use search engine, search results in the title to you at a glance. To tell you the subject of this station is what to do. The title is a good place for a keyword. The title directly, this point, and to ensure that all in your web site have their own unique products. For example, my website is a network marketing planning station, can have a title for "| network marketing network marketing network marketing case |". Note that the long term and a longer keyword contains many specific words. By using the keyword phrase search engine may serve on this page, when people search for learning network marketing, network marketing, network marketing learning difficult

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page title

most of the time, when the website design system (CMS), the site of deeper network industry, sometimes, these sites are dynamic, so they changed each time you visit the page, the correct index it a giant robot problem ". Unfortunately there is no any URL with your target keywords, unless you want to display. Many of the CMS can be friendly changes, can be added to the web site to let search engine. For example: www.***贵族宝贝 /marketing/ _pipes is a web site, this is search engine friendly, because it is short, descriptive, including related keywords.


page title

there are many factors that contribute to maintain a good display in the search engine results. The project of some of the most important is to find your own website, called "optimization within the page." Including the site for some areas of concern:


Prior to

image ALT attributesThe content of


tag structure website, please use the H1 and H2. The local search engine H1 and H2 label attaches great importance in. Google ranked first will be of little value, if the contents of the website are not related to the content of chaos. Sometimes programmers forget that person

described in the code displayed on the page. To ensure that each web page has its own unique meta description tags. Meta description is often used to describe the search engine results. Have a relevant element description of the opportunity to increase, people will click on your items. It can also be used to include a phone number or some other agitation.

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