Love Shanghai snapshot after the disappearance of what measures should be taken


recently, love Shanghai a large degree of adjustment, many webmaster friends, web site was K off. Exclude some site optimization cheating sites, most sites are likely to recover. The K site is generally divided into two types, homepage is K and website station by K. The station is generally K is more serious, basically because of Web site quality is poor, the chain caused by poor, this kind of website can recovery time is longer, and the home is k generally will soon be restored to normal by means of optimization. The author roughly sorted out the recovery technique of three kinds of ideas, but this method is only suitable for K, after the restoration of the site.

first stage: guide crawling

web logs show love Shanghai spiders have come, and visits, so the construction of the chain has become a pressing matter of the moment. We want to love Shanghai in an illusion, we have a lot of Web site content favored. We will start the original content on our website to share, released to the related website, created a large number of high quality chain. Build the chain is a university asked, we must first have a good platform for the chain of home owners, 28 push such a large soft release station and the forum is a must visit your website, industry related high weight website is a better platform. The purpose of the chain is to accumulate the weight, but not lazy to do outside the chain, the article make a link to the. First, love of Shanghai has hyperlinks in an article made quantitative restrictions; second, the chain on his web site, tell from reason is to let people help themselves, if you are spamming chain, will cause people disgusted, so to be honest. >

If the

the second stage: the construction of the chain

website problems after a good repair, the first thing to do is to open the door to greet you should love the Shanghai spiders coming, only the spider crawling our website, we will have the opportunity to repair the page, this stage do not have too much hope to love Shanghai, love Shanghai has no study period, March, the website will not there is too much chance of full recovery. Then through what method to guide the spider crawling. As everyone knows, this year a substantial increase in the weight of the search engine micro-blog content, in the love of Shanghai, we can often see the contents of the page we share. So the opportunity to come, our website every day to update the original content, then the site is updated, the new content of the page and share links to micro-blog, micro-blog these included love Shanghai, through the chain specified can crawl to our website. Even if love Shanghai came to our site, we do not grasp the content, but we will be if things go on like this, the original article and sincerity. If the share by micro-blog, the effect will be discounted, we can share in the built-in "love Shanghai, bShare these tools to achieve the purpose of maximizing our share. In addition, the webmaster share not included sharing sites also have good effects, such as: network angle, music collection etc..

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