Long tail keywords strategy depends on user habits

value is not high, that person is not wrong, that those who are generally small or not belongs to some of the core content of the station, the station point, whether to expand the long tail word is also thinking, because of a small station as long as the specific good core keywords the ranking can get not a small flow, the long tail word strategy is indeed an excess. The value of the long tail words, rather than the value of the long tail word on the site, when the site does not need long tail words, then the value of the long tail words is very little. Here is just a small C else to explain the value of the long tail words, generally large and medium-sized site still need long tail word strategy, there are a large number of long tail word large station website always bring a very large flow, even if the core keyword ranking is not ideal, but still can guarantee the site traffic through the long tail word, which is the value of the long tail words of.

What is the long tail word The value of

to understand the long tail words must know what is popular in terms of long tail keywords, long tail word is in addition to the core keywords can obtain the flow of words is the long tail word, long tail words are generally 2-3 words. How to determine the long tail word strategy to other web sites, we can see that the core of the article, generally around a large number of keywords and the original writing, the key is around long tail word keywords.

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through the above keyword research way to get hundreds of thousands of words, so we how to use these keywords to bring to the site traffic, realize the value of the key? This is the long tail word strategy part of the long tail word optimization steps. A simple optimization is the long tail word said: "

4, the search engine drop-down box

long termSome people say the word

of the web site

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Optimization of

above are some of the commonly used techniques, here introduces 2 modes of small C, a software query is above the third party tool query, Jinhua mining, fly long tail word Ruda and webmaster tools, in this way the query to facilitate peace of mind, this is one of the many ways the lazy way, always welcome, disadvantage is the long tail word is not necessarily effective long term, you need to spend some time to verify. Second long tail word is the most efficient way to select, take sperm to worse for its long tail word derived, on the one hand, a large number of verification time, on the other hand to prevent competitors effectively.

3, third party tools mining

selection method of the long tail word a lot, if you are a qualified personnel in Shanghai dragon Er, then you must understand the following words long tail strategy.



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