Value to the users of the web is not the original article

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we first try to abandon what you have learned the original idea, first to stand in the search engine’s point of view, this is called in, what is the purpose of search engine, the most fundamental purpose is to make money, make money through what to seize the market share?. How to seize the market share? Stand in the user’s point of view, if a user searches for something, indeed even in the home is the first to find the answer you want, this is the ultimate goal of the search engine. We all know that said a pile of crap, but these inferences can lead to a conclusion, that is your site in the search engine of the search engine ", but from the user’s point of view to understand". Why don’t you stand in the user’s point of view to make a web page

is not equal to the original value of

is very simple, is to make users love "," if you have the value to the users, so it also has value to the search engine. Some people will ask, easy to say, how to create value to the users page? Then you need to make a lot of courage, do you have a routine change, your site in the search engine’s point of view to write something into the user point of view to the web page, the Middle some search engines allow inclusion with small skills, such as increasing density, bold and so on, but the fundamental point must stand in the user’s point of view to make a web page. Some people will see this understanding, this is for the user to write original articles.. Right, but not completely, because the value of user ", not necessarily is the original article. Most of the time there will be exceptions:

if you want to write original articles, read an article on the Internet, and then use their own words to describe it, write original articles on the search engines to get throught a thing carelessly, is the original, for users is a Internet write out articles, not a little attractive, even if you are "line up, sooner or later, but also not to get down, why hasn’t the original ranking, or no traffic or is not included, is very simple, just four words" no value".

many people are all on the Internet with a tutorial "the chain for the emperor at the beginning of Shanghai dragon, content is king" concept, especially love Shanghai advocated the content of the original, but all these things will take us into a deep misunderstanding, today we say that a value of the user "really must be the original article.

How to write a

station, etc. the whole movie station is a reprint of the ranking is very good, why? On the chain? Of course the chain fierce to make your site’s ranking of rapid growth, but the risk is big, the ranking can not be sustained, and the search engine to link this frequently hit. We should go to see some of the chain is small, but very high ranking website, carefully observe their user experience is good, if the solution.

1. novel ?

to create something of value

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