Tuiyou network essay analysis of influence of web directory on the website of Shanghai Dragon

The chain of

generally do a good website directory is to take manual review of the system, such as the DMOZ catalogue, common YAHOO catalogue, coodir category and Tuiyou categories, and these categories are clearly defined, such as love is Google included on the sea

a lot of people may think that the chain is the more the better, of course, this is indeed a hand, and we also need to pay attention to the chain exposure, meaning that the chain can’t our limitations in several major platforms, such as you always go to the chain of words in the A5 Forum, the forum of stationmaster forum, Shanghai dragon the mainstream webmaster forum, short term may have a certain effect, but the effect is not so much, because the chain is too limited, and once in these forums ID is blocked, so the chain loss is great, so we need to pay attention to the chain widely degree, that is to think of a way to let us the link appears on more sites, but also try not to appear in the garbage site. So the website directory is worth us to do outside the chain, after delivery in addition to bringing the URL, but also bring a text link, but also generated a separate page for the search engines, once our website appeared in the high weight on the page, then the search engine weights we link will also improve.


perhaps at that time to promote the main purpose is to improve visibility and bring traffic, there are other aspects will also benefit, that is Shanghai Longfeng levels below the usual practice and through personal observation and understanding of the knowledge, the impact on the site directory of Shanghai said the dragon.

1, outside the chain of high quality.

for we do it in addition to the site itself, Shanghai Longfeng content and layout of the details, the chain is also an important aspect, so many people are trying to do the chain, what will spend money to buy the chain, but the vast majority of people choose to hand free to do outside the chain, outside common blog, forum, Post Bar platform, there are a lot of friends in the site directory of Shanghai dragon attention to this kind of site, because this station is generally higher weight, more active, large amount of updates, once our website appeared in this website, it will bring a high quality of the chain.

3, the hard work is usually a good chain.

before opening, first to understand the definition of Web site directory, we often refer to the web site directory, the website on the Internet website information collected together, according to different classification, subject, put in the appropriate directory. Famous DMOZ catalogue, YAHOO directory, before these platforms are free webmaster website promotion platform, because in addition to visit these sites can improve the popularity of the website, also can bring flow, what is important is that this promotion is free.

2, enhance the

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