Why do you want Shanghai Dragon

so we need to study, this study is to summarize in the others based on experience, in order to get their own thinking, own method, it is important to other lottery keywords work so do in the day after. We should learn how to learn, in those places, different people have different ways: many people love bubble forum, the forum above article is not original, reproduced is changed, it is not feasible. We have to work every day after taking some time to learn this knowledge, only to constantly update their knowledge to be able to know the changes in the outside world, which is the practice, practice is the hard truth.

? Of course,

in fact, most of us are the same, in the process of learning Shanghai dragon in particular will find in the learning process in the late, the Shanghai dragon learning a lot is a superficial reform. As I do in the optimization of purchasing lottery system website, I am from how to choose keywords, how to optimize the key, how to do the construction of the lottery website, do internal optimization and so on, these same things can really for my ticket purchasing department optimization www.siun.cn/ site brings substantial breakthrough I? Think we are well aware of these, and not the core of how web site said, how this ranking is really key.

as the initial site construction of the domain name, space server will do a good job, just do not do the initial work, how to improve the ranking of the site later, just as you do not build a house foundation prison, built the house is a piece of paper talk. To when the initial layout of the site will do, will pay attention to the layout of the site spider crawls, must not be able to do a good job of pre delay, otherwise the later found the problem would be late.

we all know these basic knowledge will bring theoretical conditions for our optimization, without a good foundation as a prerequisite, everything is empty, when everything is ready, then purchasing lottery system keywords ranking will rise? The answer is no, because the optimization ranking not so simple.

in fact, we all know that learning is a process of uninterrupted, Shanghai Longfeng is not an exception, then I will talk about the Shanghai dragon every day to do, why to learn, learn how to learn new things, why

promote the keywords ranking the ticket purchasing system is also need to send the chain, it is required that we are on a local website, modest, blog, love Shanghai know, etc. but these things also need to practice, practice is the only standard to check the truth standard.

I hope this article can learn to practice your Shanghai Longfeng, help.

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