The website of Shanghai dragon plan four elements

three, what are my competitors

content is relatively simple, and the specific details of the optimization strategy in this paper and no details, write something also may be more cumbersome, so do not explain. Let’s do a website of Shanghai Longfeng scheme, we first consider the main is these. The first A5, please indicate the Shanghai dragon blog 贵族宝贝pengjinjie贵族宝贝/, respect the copyright of

four, how do I get the chain

The !

chain is still part of Shanghai Longfeng indispensable, and love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm upgrade, the correlation of foreign chain has more requirements, so it won the first element of the chain need to think about is whether their website has considerable relevance. Then need to think about the access to the chain. There are many ways to get outside the chain, summed up the Links, bookmarks, blog, forum outside the chain chain, classified catalogue and Manual issued by the chain.

two, my website how to update

the second part of the Internet product comes to the line, so it should at least understand the current industry leading enterprises, even if it has not been involved in Internet marketing, but we must understand its advantages and make the strategy of strengthening, and reference.

on this issue, there are two main thoughts, one is to do what kind of product is an industry which is the two site in what way to show. For example, my blog is the Internet industry in Shanghai Longfeng categories, the presentation is blog.


, I want to build a what kind of website

Shanghai Longfeng operation stage is the first step in Shanghai dragon plan, though the scheme but is more thinking, as is presented in paper or mind is not important. We are in the development of Shanghai dragon scheme need to think about:

because it is Shanghai dragon, so the main competitors should come from the search engines to find, search industry or category keyword, which ranked high flow site is our competitors, especially to observe which on the website which is a more long tail word ranking, the higher website weight the great value of research.

when the first question has an answer, then we must face a website content update, similarly, is to consider two points, one is the content of the website resources come from, is reproduced or original or both, the two is how to update frequency of the site, how many articles published daily.

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