Do not take the unusual way links right risk to win method

few sites only determine a keyword, between different keywords, how to determine the link anchor text, related to the optimization effect and conversion effect. We used the words "Shanghai site construction" as an example, a query by love Shanghai index, daily search volume is about 330. Compared to the "Shanghai website design, Shanghai website design" and "Shanghai network company" hundreds of daily visits to IP, much higher. So many people will be locked in the target core keyword "Shanghai site construction" in the link exchange, also used the word as the anchor text. Although such practices can strengthen a keyword ranking, but it is not conducive to the overall weight lifting site.


But although

, without fear of competition, choose the same type and high weight website link

two, thus, due to changes in the target web site keywords link

Links can effectively enhance the website weight, even indispensable in website optimization, but this way is a double-edged sword link. There is no doubt that when the search performance of normal, weight increased, the weight of link to can effectively transfer. But when the slightest mistake, when the link site suffered punishment, will affect their own website. Even if the target site weight steady, bring a different execution result is not the same. Links itself is a reciprocal link in the two site weight quite or organic supplement under the condition of the same type, focus on building links with regional, website weight easier to consolidate stability.

many people know, the same type of website can bring higher weight. For example, in Shanghai, a site construction company’s website, the core keyword is "website construction". Many people in routine practice, is outside Shanghai and Internet companies to exchange links, so is the first link building with the same type of link, the more important the website construction area is very strong, and exchange links outside of Shanghai website, and will not constitute direct competition and their own. This link is only if you put aside the narrow view of no ground for blame, and the same type of regional, multi site links, to consolidate the weight effect is more significant.

through in-depth observation, the author had written "to search four cognitive, website optimization effect" ideas: search engine can not only effectively identify the theme of the site and to determine whether the correlation between the content of the website and the theme, and then gives some weight; search engines can also effectively identify the site area, such as in Shanghai. We search the word love in the construction site in Shanghai, in the top three are Shanghai local site construction company. If we are not afraid of competition, and in most of the web search engine home can exchange links, will effectively enhance the website weight? And the huge market competition exists or not and you are not going to link each other, and not too many relationships.

is a derogatory term, but when building Web links, but the first.

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