360 search algorithm Wukong turned out gray industrial chain will escape the robbery

This article mainly elaborated the According to the work of Yang Zi

so the 360 launch of the "search" algorithm should Wukong to attract people’s attention, so that their website can show a better search in 360, to prevent the intrusion information suffered some grey industry, thus affecting their access to the site.

found that in recent years, from some sectors of the keyword index analysis, some key words in the 360 search index is higher than the love Shanghai search index. In this proposal we can put a little effort to search 360, in today’s search engine how to love Shanghai for many years, surely we are very clear mind to do less easy, if you can spend a little effort to search 360 Shanghai dragon, there may be a new surprise.


and in December 15th this year, 360 search also launched a new search algorithm is the algorithm "," monkey algorithm mainly for some black chain in order to obtain huge profits by some hacker intrusion, prevent pornography, gambling, PW and other relevant information on the website of the adverse effects emerged.

said 360 search most friends before or since may not take on the 360 search Shanghai dragon, in the domestic PC Internet search engine (three, 360, Shanghai love search search Sogou search) we only love Shanghai search engine, while ignoring the other two major search engines, more do not talk to go up on their the algorithm.

in 4 the day before yesterday morning, Yang Zi wrote an article titled "the search engine algorithm constantly changes the gray industry" in this paper to decide on what path to follow? I published in multiple columns and is well-known network owners A5 business network recommended home page.

to better reach to safeguard the vital interests of users and a good user search experience, it can be said is all search engines in the beginning of the heart.



algorithm, continuous innovation in recent years love Shanghai search engine technology continues to change, the search algorithm is more and more intelligent, humane, often for some previous "criminal" gray industrial chain the doings, can be more intelligent and precise identification, and give severe punishment.

so many years since the 360 search market share has been in the domestic search market in second place, and its market share also increased year by year, about 360 of market share in Yang Zi before an article mentioned here is not much (you want to know can check online data).

recommended title and show in bold font, similar to this recommendation can be kept in the position showing contempt for a long time, thus the A5 business network to expose the importance of such official industry.

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