5 let you no longer difficult chain method in 2011

What is the use of the ?The

1, the forum signature effect is low, it is very difficult to post with links, do a little too be moderator delete even titles;

2, love Shanghai products leave the link difficult, although the product weight love Shanghai is very high, but now with the difficulty of the link has been very high, love Shanghai, love Shanghai know that experience is very difficult, Post Bar fortunately, but left many, possible titles, and even K station;

chain is another site for their site to vote, I remember a master said, if there are ten thousand sites in Shanghai Longfeng the word link to my website, my website certainly ranked first in the Shanghai dragon, but where so Niubi come ten thousand people to link to your website before? You can see a lot of forum posting irrigation to increase the chain. But at 2011 today, the chain is no longer easy to do. The author summarizes the 5 methods can easily do the chain, hope to help everyone:

solution: record several web sites in the webmaster tools there, every week 5 in the morning to check once, if the new station, and nobody contacts, will have to do their best, slowly try to seek the chain, can also be the first link and a case about the site, such as net station pick up, do in a chain to other higher PR website.


solution: in fact about this problem, nor what the so-called solution.


chain? What is the chain of

solution: love Shanghai know can only try to enhance the level, but 2 of the account is also very easy to stay outside the chain, only one day left two to be good; love experience of Shanghai in April is also can leave the chain, now I can’t stay, had to give up. Then love Shanghai Post Bar words is relatively easy, but some are not completely Post Bar can leave a link, like some parts of Post Bar die, but stay and site theme related Post Bar generally, the author is the first article, then reply with links, this is very easy to pass. But don’t stick with each link, very dangerous.

solution: to those high weight, PR greater than 5 (personal website posted replies that the effect is not good, so less, it replies) what weight high? A5, the laggards, 28 push, push, there are a lot of gov forum, the forum the effect is relatively better. Because is the second, so the chain effect can be immediate. But for some forum the workload is relatively large, to the laggards, need to accumulate points to a certain extent can sign with links on the site, but the chain is very much linked to weight, which was not much.

3, Links is very difficult for the beginning of the station, even if the link, but also regularly to check whether the problem, in case of a problem, in very large

blog project, need a long time to see the effect;

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