Cross as a peak of Shanghai dragon is also different


: my personal view made by the use of black hat Shanghai dragon website can bring certain flow and ranking, but every day to face the search engine may be blocked, but also to make a new website, why not use the white hat Shanghai dragon down to make a healthy website but? Black hat Shanghai dragon also has the black hat Shanghai Longfeng truth, some black hat Shanghai dragon researchers algorithm to search engine technology is also very deep, very good, a lot of black hat Shanghai dragon came out by tens of thousands of times the conclusion of the experiment on the search engine spiders.

black hat Shanghai dragon often leads to the punishment of the search engine, the owners need to determine exactly how much risk? What may be the most serious? What impact to the company? Some of the problems of Shanghai dragon to decide by cheating may bring flow and may be search engine punishment compared to what a more cost-effective? And then consult the relevant leaders of the enterprise view, finally in the decision.

black hat Shanghai dragon money Duanpingkuai is his advantage; the white hat Shanghai dragon is the focus of interest for a long time.

is also a part of the black hat Shanghai dragon has been more than a moral and legal bottom line.

in universities, government and other means of invading the site, plus links which is beyond the bottom line of the law, constitutes a violation of this is not only the black hat Shanghai dragon, but hackers, we should firmly oppose

white hat Shanghai Dragon don’t have to worry about website blocked may every day, and can proudly say: "this is my site!" brought a long time to enjoy your website for profit. Why not??

cross as a peak, Shanghai dragon is different! The police into the police, Shanghai dragon is divided into black and white hat.

deletion! For example: some hackers use

two, moral and legal bottom line

released a lot of junk information on other sites, invade others site to increase the garbage Links, thus affecting others website ranking, flow rate, conversion rate, which belongs to immoral behavior, we should resolutely oppose.


, in Shanghai Longfeng industries, is also divided into black and white, the so-called black hat Shanghai dragon is usually by means of cheating, webmasters to achieve. The so-called white hat Shanghai dragon, is through the normal Shanghai Longfeng optimization webmaster to get. But the black hat and white hat Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon is difficult to grasp, sometimes in the use of Shanghai Longfeng optimization when using the black hat means, probably because the owners do not understand the unintentional misuse caused, or sometimes in order to improve the ranking and traffic and deliberately used, resulting in search engine punishment, serious when possible caused by

For example:

black hat and white hat Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai LongFeng Railway Station angle

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