The advertising circle of real classic case enter the novice love Shanghai bid 6 days 9360 yuan

, April 27, 2012, at 14:33 in the afternoon, in order to verify the accuracy of our online advertising! Experiment, we are to love Shanghai screenshot backstage:

We !Here we use the

he said, directly determines the success or failure of bidding account optimization. If such blind delivery, the results must suffer. Combined with our practical experience, we believe that it is imperative to construct high-quality advertising account! How to build a high-quality advertising account, please refer to the "circle of love of Shanghai advertising bidding from entry to the master (four): the construction of high-quality love Shanghai

object is an experiment to read the oil lines Junior, of course, is also my friend. Well, we started to enter the actual trip!


let’s look at advertising accounts instead of the experimenter, and in the course of the experiment, some of our dialogue. All of the experimental advertising circle that is absolutely true, without any PS components, if we feel that the data error can be checked, because all the data are based on the same project, so we can withstand any scrutiny! Is responsible for the authenticity of the data of the

advertising line on the first day, without any consultation, click rate, click on the high price of




account when advertising just on the line, only to build a series of advertisements. Modify the historical records of the account, we can see the actual situation. In April 28th, most of the new advertising account operation plan and unit. We look after April 28th to adjust the account structure data.


!We give

graphic way in detail.

this article is our advertising circle for a real analytic depth operation novice love Shanghai bidding.

the beginning of the experiment, we can see 51 statistical start time is April 27, 2012 14 points clear, advertising through the audit and on-line time is 14:30.

explain background: we believe that the love for Shanghai understanding of the auction, not only stay in theory, there should be more practical. The most challenging, than to a network of people into the door absolutely ignorant of bidding, and give the advice. This article is an attempt of our advertising circle, we think this article especially confused in Shanghai love in bidding for people, for all the people of

love Shanghai bidding from entry to the master is a three-dimensional interpretation of advertising circle of love for Shanghai. The essence is our experience and summary. This series of articles showing the skills from the shallower to the deeper, love Shanghai bidding for everyone to use the actual way for everyone to step by step to demystify love Shanghai for


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