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when I work in the automotive consulting firm before the company compiled a set of car sales training course. Because at that time the company management are made by people many years of rich experience in sales, so their direct experience for the compilation of the tutorial provides a convenient way. With rich experience in marketing planning and training of the Dragon trainer as a tutorial editor, he compiled a program based on the number of tutorials on the overseas automobile sales training course, and then asked the author to study that some of the money by the company’s overseas translation tutorial translation version (5, 60 thousand words), and its content will be added 7+1 volume in a certain period of time, the total number of up to hundreds of thousands of words of the Chinese version of the car sales training course.

, writing and more practiceThe key of

in accordance with the syllabus. Rich tutorial flesh, the author must be from the library and Internet experience etc. even interview people in multiple ways and channels of mining related sales information for the compilation of tutorials. This is from a few ponder the translation, I know all the sales practices of U.S. auto sales king Jo Gilad, as well as many joe. At that time the network of car sales data is less and less, more is to teach you how to modify what car, car repair, from the sales point of view, familiar with the product is definitely an advantage, so how to deal, the techniques of data is more, but a complete sales process is including pre-sale, sale and customer service, most of the time after the transaction the transaction is started, when the 4S shop has just started not long, the boss is not only for.

company to the new colleagues, the main task now is to send the chain what the boss asked her, but every day of the original 5 articles, although a few days ago, the situation is slightly strange, but it seems that she has started to write a taste of things, believe that as long as the appropriate training, soon you can write to let the boss satisfied Shanghai Longfeng commercial copy.

actually wrote Shanghai dragon commercial copy, or to write and practice more, because in the writing process, your mind will continue to expand, after all, writing is a good way of memory, although some people are better at reading memory or memory is heard, but most of the best memory still, is to strengthen the memory through the written copy, for example we’ve repeatedly write articles, especially classical Chinese, now just a little reading, then it is easy to pass its meaning the reason, even can easily re recite, which is deep memory for you to copy the process, when you write an article, you use both eyes, mind and your heart to memory. If you can, to knock out better than handwritten keyboard, but since most people have the habit of using the keyboard, so this small difference is negligible, but generally speaking, writing again will read a secondary memory beamer deep, silent reading than listening to a secondary memory to deep. The memory range is suitable for most people.

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