Love Shanghai algorithm to update the website site included 1 page reprint into pseudo original nigh

for search engine to determine the weight, in addition to the number of content included, there are external links and content reproduced amount, conversion rate of the page and page browsing the residence time and bounce rate and so on many factors. But the disadvantage is the pseudo original put all sorts of things together without substance, the user is almost closed eyes to see. But the poor quality of the article is also very difficult to get reproduced opportunities, not to mention the various links. Even if there are more links and how rankings are not the same, there is not much change, of course, if you can get a few high quality one-way links would be another matter.

pseudo out of the original article even indexed by search engines, the effect is not large, it is only limited to the article was collected, most are not very good traffic and ranking, which is why the website traffic is particularly much, but still so few. Get in and each big portal Sina, Sohu and other NetEase, compared the content of these sites also can even with their web page racing together bridle to bridle. A hot news on the same, of course there will be a lot of media reports, the content of thought are roughly the same, but the text narrative changed a lot.

found himself at a site site included love Shanghai turned 1, a home, and before Shanghai did not love ranking or up and down, so did not care that is love Shanghai aunt again. But after a month of observation time, signs of a change of the website are not, asked a few friends, the results have the same problem on site, through the analysis conclusion, by K website content 1 homepage are mainly reprinted station.

now also found a problem area is about + Shanghai Longfeng this keyword ranking is not stable, such as: Tianjin Shanghai dragon love Shanghai index at around 110, even if the keywords ranking on the home page, but through the keywords into your website is not much, through the above algorithm to get a rough weight so love Shanghai. Leads to the instability of ranking. Pseudo original it is opportunistic thing to fool the search engine, the new algorithm also appear in Shanghai this year, love love Shanghai and false original article, this algorithm also can quickly identify the pseudo original articles. If you think love Shanghai algorithm is not so good that I would like to ask if someone to visit your site, see the content on your site if you are old, he will read your article?? I guess he finished the first eye will choose to close this page, make your site

In late January 2012

in website optimization webmaster, it is difficult to write original articles, that there is the concept of pseudo original. Before this pseudo original is driven by a lot of weight lifting site. Now the search engine is the search engine algorithm continuously improve, pseudo original effect is very little. Google has clearly pointed out that the content similarity is considered plagiarism as high as 70%, not to include. So now we are at a time when the original method has not rob Peter to pay Paul.

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