Keyword density is very important in the original text


now the search engine algorithm has simple frequency ratio or density calculation is more complex. The webmaster can easily artificially increase the frequency and density of page, but not necessarily a higher value. So the page of key words associated with the word frequency and density have no direct contact, so we don’t have to care too much.

website optimization process, good website keyword density is kept between 2%-8%, the web page column by keyword density to increase, of course, when the web page construction is good, most of the keyword density by soft to increase, the reasonable distribution of keywords the density in the soft also has become an important factor to consider the website optimization.

Soft Keyword density must be strictly controlled in a certain range of That the search engine algorithm

first, keywords appear more, also is the higher the frequency, the more keywords associated with this page. But the word concept did not consider the content length. If the page is 1000 words, obviously very easy keywords frequency than 100 words of the page is high, but not necessarily more than 100 words are more relevant pages. Keywords frequency divided by the total number of words, get keyword density, the correlation is more reasonable judgment standard.

but usually appears before the text of 50~100 words have higher weights, and suggest the first paragraph of the first sentence of the words. In fact, this is the inevitable result of the natural writing. And write the argumentation, page writing can also be divided into arguments and summarize the point. The article first need to illuminate the beginning point, will naturally contain keywords. The next part of the argument again two or three times, the end point again visible keywords, a page of text optimization is completed.

generally, the length of the page is not two or three times key, the relatively long length of the page appears 4-6 times is enough, do not accumulate words. We like Shanghai Longfeng novice beginners often ask how much is the most suitable keyword density. In fact, keyword density in the search engine algorithm now has a less relevant concept, completely does not need to pay attention. To observe the ranking in the front page, we will find that both low density to 1% or 2% pages, there are up to 20% pages, but the keyword density between 2%-8% is more common, but these we must remember to naturally keywords into the article. As long as the natural writing page is inevitable in several key words, this was done to optimize the.

keyword density is related to the page keyword density, plays a vital role in the optimization of our professional web hosting company (www.91wzg贵族宝贝) must be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the optimization, so as to set an example for the customer.


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