The new secret nobility baby Analytics how to define Visit

visit why most pages will be much less than these visitors to the page number (visitor).



if the title of this article I just wrote "the noble baby Analytics how to define a visit, you will not see the

Visit this metric is the cornerstone of website analysis. But even though it is a basic measure of noble baby Analytics to its definition is not entirely immutable and frozen. In order to adapt to the new changes in the browser and change people visit habits, nobility baby Analytics in basic measure even in the evolving. Oh, this is perhaps the scary aristocratic baby Analytics, she has reached such a height, but also climb faster than others.

now, you can not remember the two formula, because the noble baby Analytics definition of visit has undergone great changes.


;The definition of how to handle visit GA ?

in this paper, what you will learn:

Major changes

but may things than we imagine so complicated, very much hope that you can continue reading. Of course, if a measure is not so you understand such an important basis, it is recommended that you read this article: the basic measure of site analysis (1): Visit.

in fact, this formula must now be changed to "30 minutes of inactivity" and "change the source again". Why change the two formulas, we take a look at what is noble baby to visit new definition (if you know English.

visit two formulas — "30 minutes nothing" and "don’t close the browser". If the process of browsing a website in thirty minutes without opening a new page or not some of the action (the action GA code needs to be monitored, such as event tracking), then you to visit at this site the behavior will be recorded for a new visit. Similarly, if the browser is closed, and then open the browser to browse this website, GA will think that the occurrence of new visit.

[Objective] The change of

Visit associated attributes (past and present);


GA a major change in the definition of visit

special case;

noble baby Analytics visit statisticsWe all know

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