The internal optimization of beautiful pictures website

page, the: as I said, since it is a beautiful picture station, it must be in accordance with the pictures of the station needs to design the page color and material collocation, page design is just the best picture in the necessary pictures with ALT notes, easy to understand what is the engine the picture shows, in addition to navigation, the title, Links must use words outside. The page should be concise, generous, so that users can quickly find the picture resources in the web site after.


"talk about the beautiful picture station operation and use love Shanghai pictures earn visitors" was published, I want to say to this kind of beautiful pictures text less sites that rely heavily on external promotion and between the user’s reputation, but the site of the internal optimization, and pay more attention to the user experience, still should not be underestimated. Below I will introduce energy-saving should pay attention to a few internal optimization. Optimization of inner beauty picture stand, I did the following internal optimization scheme according to type:

The design of a

two, brand optimization: each site should establish their own brand reputation, not others when our website said to love Shanghai search beautiful pictures, the article is the site of several. I suggest you do the picture stop words add site name and domain name on the image watermark is indispensable, this can enhance the user’s memory. Such as "slobber", so we even can not remember the domain name, search in slobber love Shanghai, certainly the first is your website.

three, Links: should first search and site site exchange links, the purpose of doing so is to let the spider to confirm the type of your site, if you do a photo station, but the station over a chain, then the engine for your study period will be relatively prolonged. Secondly, consideration should be given to health visitors and exchange site experience, if you swap the site not hanging horse, poison, is the pop, you think about it, even after the visitors click on your Links in thought is poisoning or automatic pop-up ads, direct closure. Even more frightening is perhaps visitors will therefore to some antivirus engine to report your site, or tell a friend not to look at your site, the reason is advertising, afraid of poisoning. You are not very depressed?

The following

four, the picture quality is: This is also mentioned in the article, if visitors are searching keywords in this beautiful photo, all is similar to lotus, Fengjie, Chun this type saw the pictures, then you will feel nausea? So don’t focus only on the number, we should pay more attention to the quality of the picture

, bandwidth and space: in the case of sufficient bandwidth, server 10M bandwidth theory enough to meet IP on tens of thousands of pictures website needs. Why is the theory? Because each of the server settings in order to recommend different engine optimization, the premise of saving resources, try to optimize server >

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