Talk about the influence factors of website ranking and processing method

two, frequently modify site title

with the search engine technology is more and more perfect, as Shanghai dragon ER on site optimization is no longer simply send the chain can quickly improve the ranking. But after obtaining good ranking is not to worry about everything, because the search engine algorithm varies from day to day, is constantly changing, today may be your website ranking page, maybe tomorrow will fall out of one hundred outside. But if some of the conventional ranking effect because they do not understand the words, so for your own website dropped like it is impossible to start, as the saying goes, Zhiyizhibi, you can. Then the factors affecting the website ranking is what, and in these cases the webmaster should be how to solve it? Today I talk about common ranking factors and solutions.

modify the site title for each site is experienced, webmasters may modify the title is thought to make it easier for users to live website or make website to get a higher ranking. But the search engine is the most offensive often modify title, because it would allow the search engine to determine the site is not professional, and after each update search engine again to determine the site content and site types of things, and this would make the site back into the review period, natural ranking will plummet. So, to modify the title due to the decline in ranking, I think this is frequent if no ground for blame, modify title >

method: since the server has a problem, then to long-term operation of the website webmaster, must as soon as possible considering the idea of replacing servers. If you wait until the site to consider setting the foundation to replace the server, it is easy to cause the site users stay lost, many web site because the server is not stable and have lost a large number of users so that for example meet the eye everywhere, the server caused by the website ranking drop, the loss of users, the author suggested that shorter than the pain pain, as far as possible to replace the server, with the cut grass root. Of course, select the server should try to choose the authoritative service, good brand servers, thus effectively avoid the server lead to stable position.

web server is carrying all the normal operation of the website, also can say is the key factor of website. If the site as a tree, then the server is the root of the tree, obviously if the root of the tree is damaged, it is doomed the tree’s life has come to an end. Similarly, the web server is not stable or won’t open it, even if you cannot optimize promotion method is advanced, how effective is useless, because the roots have shaken the base, what is the normal operation of the website? And the server is not stable, natural spider crawling will not be the content index smoothly, even can not enter the website how to index content? So that the server is the first factor that influence website ranking.

, a server failure

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