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occupation of Shanghai Dragon An article I had written "

you not to make money or in the money station 90% are non majors in college, we have to fight to fight technology in any case but the real play of human capital; money is not to mention. But our personal webmaster success is because we have their incomparable advantages, that is the spirit of perseverance and faith fight to win or die. In my personal webmaster contact now almost half a year, there is no what income, but I still did not stop the pace of progress is because they do not give up the belief. At the same time as the Shanghai dragon Er station every day to face all kinds of small changes, or changes in the ranking, or included reduced, or chain fluctuation. In your chain yesterday also was down to two digits, suddenly see believe the webmaster is at heart a surprised. Before you publish this article in the author has just finished processing the website space, first half hour visit, then is open until now extremely slow. I Chinese mechanical drawing therefore was ranked in the top three decline, almost before, now only to fifth. A few months hard to do because of space issues and ranking is ruined! But as a webmaster and Shanghai dragon Er every day we have to face these things is out of order, we can not give up so angry, only patience to adapt.

in Shanghai Longfeng er must learn to improve self development" in order to better said as Shanghai dragon Er will constantly improve their difficulties in order to better, in addition to the customer service and there is no other way, as a webmaster of nature is a truth. So for you and I like friends, I want to say in the face of changes we need to do is to calm, patience, patience, patience; insist, insist, insist on. No matter how strong do but stick strength, when we harvest the previous hard experience became a cloud.

as a webmaster and Shanghai dragon Er we must believe that only a few people can be opportunistic in a few cases, we do not lose at the starting stage.

with the development of the Internet, more and more things can be directly through the Internet to fix. Even Bill Gates said the next 5 years of university curriculum can be carried out on the Internet, perhaps you don’t need to go to what the university can learn a lot of knowledge. It is due to highlight the special advantage of the Internet, so that more and more people began to seek on the Internet to play a world.


times into individual stationmaster a group of people active in the internet. But at present the website on search engine technology, Shanghai Longfeng nature is every webmaster must master the knowledge. No matter how did not participate in the formal training, you are to understand a lot of Shanghai Longfeng theory, most rely on A5’s article also learned a lot of knowledge of the essence of Shanghai dragon. That is to say you whether admit it or not is a Shanghai dragon Er, although not er.

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