Small and medium sized enterprises do some new website optimization must pay attention to

1, select the server and the domain name

this article is not some basic skills of Shanghai dragon, but some details for the new station operation summary, help in the construction sites and search engine friendly communication, will in order to get a good website just on the line of Shanghai Dragon Phoenix data.

2, enterprise website how to build


although Harbin is to accept new things relatively late in the city, but according to the survey, there have been nearly 2 of the small and medium-sized enterprise customer channel is completely through the network. This kind of low cost, high cost, obvious effect of promotion has been more and more recognized by the small and medium sized enterprises in Harbin. But for the website and website optimization, we may know is not comprehensive. Able to perform wonders (hereinafter referred to as gold) through understanding of the direction of optimizing the website a few companies, everyone seems still in the website optimization method of last era, may also be searched before the Shanghai dragon appeared some wrong Shanghai Longfeng measures. Here we have a few enterprises according to the need to pay attention to the new station.

Most people think it may be

enterprise website optimization must pay attention to:


this may have on people who do not understand the Internet is a problem, some small and medium enterprises usually find some network agents, but such a simple thing to let them go and did not appear crack we are white? A lot of domain name registration website can get the basic com is 55-65 yuan, CN will be cheaper but now, recommended or certified com is better, because users will be more familiar with, and com is the international domain name not submitted to the audit data, but also eliminates unnecessary trouble. If the registration found that the registered provider DNS is not stable, you can search some free online with dns. As for the server dianjin also admitted that, just contact the supplier did not understand the IDC is really easy to lose, of course, when gold line Zaigang also spent a lot of big money, but for years and the IDC of the server have more mature channels for small and medium-sized enterprises, in fact, it really is not necessary what to get the record, unless there are special requirements, can go abroad to rent the cloud server or outside space. These are free for the record, but the speed is not slow. If the site can successfully get the record, but not by the local IDC vendors would contain (some Harbin server vendors provide free filing, but must rent their server, is a bit sour taste) personal recommendations or use a server in Beijing better. Beijing first bandwidth quality, and cloud hosting is everywhere, the most important point is that from the love of spiders in Shanghai very close, even the neighbor. I said so much, if you still can not find a clue, then I can only say four words to you, please contact me! "…… " spirit of helping others attitude, willing to provide guidance for free gold.

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