Shanghai dragon will work every day to do C analysis of Web log

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if your website snapshot not update, snapshot back even site is down right, you’ll see the site has not updated regularly to see the site of the original, and what Links problems, in fact, in the love of Shanghai search engine, snapshot back, not more Xindu is normal, and this is not your website and your site exchange links of the problem, it just fell in love with a snapshot of the site to the sea residence or is not put out, you have to do is daily updated original and release the chain. So how to judge your site, this is not your problem? This will see you have observed daily web log:

analysis of Web log is always the most complete and most accurate, through web logs we can know the search engine spiders crawling on our website and the residence time, and the query website content is to be included in those parts of the website that error information in the spider visit! Well, to understand the observed log benefits, I think you may want to know is how to do log analysis, then analysis of Taizhou now Shanghai dragon to everyone about how to go to the website: website to log log analysis must first obtain the web log, I think there are certainly a lot of people to find their own web log in the web root itself, it is because of you. Do not open access to the web log on the host background function, as long as the host background Open Web access log, then second days in the net Standing under the root directory of a name to find web log log folder. After find web logs, download it to the local, as are the records of the spider crawling log in this state, we may see cannot read, we need to use a tool (light log analysis tools, direct search can be downloaded to love Shanghai!) this tool can help us to quickly analyze web logs, directly to the the conclusion reveals to us, we have to do is to establish a EXCEL table to record the data, the data about long-term record, so we can analyze the spider crawling our website in the long-term trend to know the direction of development of our website

data is always the most direct, the most convincing, do Shanghai dragon should pay attention to the analysis of the data, this should be a Shanghai dragon er the most basic skills. A log table should include the contents of volume, grab grab times, crawl time, don’t repeat grab, single crawler, crawling average amount, the average single crawler crawling time, crawler crawling across the 404 page number! Take time every day to record these data in order to know the development of your site not empty, how do you feel, as Shanghai dragon should learn to speak with the data, because data is more convincing than expected

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