The chain of ups and downs is derived from the search engine data delete

chain is also the life cycle, as a creature, you will die. What was not strange, of course, the answer to everyone, I think we will not buy. Let me tell you about the principle which is how one thing, search engine hardware resources are limited, the entire Internet content days billions of pages in growth. The search engine in order to be able to play effective resources to maximize the effect, of course, will only be included quality content. The search engine to determine the content of "garbage naturally want to delete, delete the contents of the rubbish has two advantages:

Is that


we need to observe the content of what is it? Is actually under the data from the image data we can see that the love of Shanghai included about the word "Shanghai dragon is 64800000. A maximum of one hundred million, if you are interested in observation, can see the data every day, I believe that as long as the search engine update, this value will change. For example, you included the chain rose and rose in the circumstances. I believe that is the search engine under the data also rose, if our website, and set the chain greatly reduced, then you come to observe the data must be reduced. The reason is the search engine.

can provide a storage space for those high quality content, because the search engine hardware resources are limited. I can reduce the computational time, better and faster and more accurate to provide better results. If you think the storage space of search engine in 100 "and 1000", which calculate quickly, which is more accurate, there is no doubt that the 100 page, so the search engine to delete some of the garbage "is very necessary. The chain you lost, a big reason is because you publish web spam is just search engine recognition, and then deleted, finally you outside of the chain is lost, the whole process is almost like.

for everyone to see some of the data here, but also can let you more clearly understand the search engine update, make you more aware of how search engines removed. You look at the picture and the contents of this picture is in the search for the word love Shanghai Shanghai dragon intercepted a picture

before a few day Shanghai big update, many sites included and the chain doubled. But yesterday evening someone in the chat group said the chain down, ask me how this is going, this just rose to chain up, how fast it fell? It is really confused ah, I asked him the rank of the website keywords you have declined? He said it no, it is not affected, the chain fell not worth what get excited over a little thing. But I just don’t trust, I asked the specific is how the matter? I was also to explain the reason, I think everyone has a similar question, today I will for you to uncover the mysterious veil.

In fact, the

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