Shanghai dragon core points in the website optimization below

some time ago I wrote an article in the A5: "Shanghai station network optimization core points of the website in Phoenix (on)", and we talk about the main station of Shanghai dragon core optimization, now again and talk about the core station of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. First of all, we know that a site has good rankings, 90% above all by optimizing out; we also know that in Chinese, love Shanghai Shanghai dragon is doing the best! However, we should also know that love Shanghai itself is a no original content of the website resources.

however, love Shanghai how to get outside the chain of high quality so huge? If with personal manual to finish! This is Arabian Nights! This is a core part of my research is Shanghai dragon! Well, I will talk with you special analysis of love Shanghai Shanghai dragon technology. Now we don’t talk about love in Shanghai, or talk about some practical problems, how are we going to get the high quality of the chain? I also wrote an article in the A5 Adsense nets: "personal experience about how to get effective outside the chain of high quality", we see there may be some help here is how to win and optimize these chain.

Links is one of the fastest and most efficient way to get outside the chain of a website so we how to get and optimize these high quality links? Here you may have thought of a PR value! May every webmaster have such experience: with the PR value high on their website to exchange when the link will often be relentlessly refused! Yes, I also have such experience, in fact, now know some Shanghai Longfeng webmaster, generally don’t go the PR value as the primary exchange links or is only the standard conditions.

I’ll give you an example: I have a station is three years ago, the art, what are relatively poor typesetting, rarely stand ready to update, snapshot or love Shanghai last year, but in February this year opened the website, I was shocked: the PR value is actually 5, but still, sweat out! It is no rankings, what is not to mention the flow. Give you an example: in my side also has such a new station: the PR value is 0, love Shanghai snapshot every day in the update, the chain number reached more than 2000 in the rankings and flow, can say I now is very satisfied. The above two examples we can.

1, Links

so, love Shanghai not original resources, it is what the Shanghai dragon do well? It had talked about standing outside the optimization, which is one of my direction is to study the Shanghai dragon. The quality and quantity of standing outside the core is optimized in the optimization of the chain! Can we go to check the amount of the chain of love in Shanghai now? About 24 million 200 thousand! And the number of the chain of our website is poor?? now understand love Shanghai Shanghai dragon why do it so good? One reason is the love of Shanghai, with high quality and huge chain support it!

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