break the normal procedure of Shanghai Longfeng optimization thinking inertia force

for the webmaster, understand the relevant knowledge and operation theory of search engine, will be engaged in practical work, this is a practical work, and requires high technology, rather than those of God the temptation of the breaker excited phenomenon, in this dimension, a qualified webmaster have a solid, hard effort, a kind of spirit, is also a kind of artisan spirit, for the webmaster, to strive hard to learn the professional knowledge, but also meticulous study of various algorithms, every detail for the webmaster, in the current competitive environment, all these data will prove to be useful, and very may be very useful, so it is not only as a qualified webmaster, but also cultivate a artisan spirit to all aspects of the site to the extreme is more competitive Competitive power.

.In this respect

three professional

professional level is not high, but can also be made, but this will be reflected in the new year a few years is quite obvious, but this is 2017, the search engine has very analysis ability on users, content, website, rather than those of non professional personnel in the world.

four. Responsibility "

In fact many friends


yes this is a Chinese custom culture, a kind of custom, but also our habits, for many webmaster, optimize your habits, habits and marketing of Shanghai dragon habits and so need to develop slowly, rather than a short duration of time, like the habit is not possible will form the same.



professional degree and not entirely the performance characteristics of a strength, but professional ability is stronger that level of desire and inner effort, it is a cost to pay the state, we have to give a reasonable and in this respect, the professional degree is higher, tend to show better behavior ability, these two aspects are mutually affected, but also the result of long time practice ability.

we all know that the new year to eat dumplings, paste antithetical couplet, firecrackers, relatives, this just happened soon pay New Year’s call greetings, it must remember. For Chinese people, this is not what happens, but the habit of.

then as a webmaster need to cultivate what habits? The following simple explanation for Jane from the media, for reference only.

we all know the rules and periodicity of the ranking, but with the continuous development of the Internet, this cycle is likely to become more and more long, and is likely to have changed as the development trend, so the cycle is longer, requires the owners have better tenacity and ability to bear in mind, rather than small a few months have abandoned the idea of industry.

two. The toughness of

artisan spirit.

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