n addition to external web site optimization chain to do what is best

from Shanghai love Webmaster Platform announcement we can see that the love of Shanghai is now able to identify quality problems of intelligent site outside the chain, such as some video sites outside the chain, the chain, the chain of SkyDrive group, BBS signature chain have been love Shanghai default to junk the chain, in addition to some portal the soft new chain is also included, therefore now many webmaster said the chain becomes more and more small, but it is not, and can only say we do outside the chain of the road more and more narrow, but the chain did start into the value chain and value outside the chain, so do the chain also need skills, we need to collect resources, rather than do those in the blind to the garbage outside the chain, not only can bring good effect to our website, or even lead us The website implicated.

so, how can we do the right site external optimization? This requires us to understand the meaning and value of the chain, rather than blindly to junk the chain.

(two) outside the chain of high stability.


in this article the second paragraph actually small already mentioned site outside the chain is extremely stable, and our extensive each platform chain layout to the Internet >

, in a sense, our website chain do too widely is better, because it can guarantee our website not only in one or several platform release, and even the platform to search engine drop right even by the K is not linked to our site. As a matter of fact? Do the site outside the chain wide point is good, but first need to ensure that is relevant to your topic, imagine if your site is a picture, and you go to some type of education platform to release some of the chain, no doubt for this platform is a garbage article, almost no user click go to see, but not for users to click on the chain, so he is actually a waste of the chain, so to some relatively high correlation chain, is the key to the chain really makes the user feel the value of love.

now also do website optimization webmaster believe will deeply feel that the website ranking has become more and more difficult. Especially after this year’s love Shanghai algorithm update extremely focus on user experience. The intention is, let the webmaster really do some high quality content, but even our website to do meaningful content, but a lot of times ranking or unsatisfactory. So this time, in addition to the content of the website and the user experience, but also an essential need to do some external optimization to assist ranking.

when we truly understand the value and importance to the outside of the chain, we can go to the chain optimization work, so how to correctly carry out the chain optimization work? Small analysis of the following specific points to you.

(a) outside the chain of high correlation.

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