Why the new station included unstable

four, Links. Is the most confused when the new station in Links, so must be carefully considered, not the more the better, the quality is really good. If you don’t love love Shanghai station links, so sure that you will be his blacklist. As you have a killer friend, we also dare not close to you.

today said the five points, if you carefully read immediately after action, practice to know this is not the truth. Here again the pseudo original. Many people complain that the pseudo original is not that difficult, I sort out the information is a good pseudo original article, it focuses on personal attitude.

The stability of

five, page clean. The cleanliness of the page is also very important, because the love of Shanghai is to pay attention to the user experience, your page appears too garbled, even ads everywhere, with pop, will punish love Shanghai’s bottom line will be seckill.

often hear some webmaster friends about our website every day will reduce the number, and even included yesterday, today basically have been deleted but I love Shanghai, the website also is in this period, why, I think the acquisition is one of the biggest reasons. How you are a novice webmaster, I suggest that it is necessary for you to read this article, because I am also a novice webmaster, so I collected through the Internet causes many related issues, organized into the following:

Three, frequent This paper starts from the

website. Do not easily change the website title and keywords description, it is easy to cause the tragedy of K station. Because of the frequent changes will be alien to love Shanghai gradually to you, slowly away, until completely abandoned you. Because love is not love bother people in Shanghai.

, an old, is first mentioned in the original, because a lot of my article is obtained through the acquisition, although my good luck stationmaster net weight, or some snapshots, keep updated daily collection articles can also ensure that was collected in 1 hours, but the webmaster collecting a large number of leads to the emergence of similar articles love Shanghai, in order to improve the user experience, I deleted the same article, compared with your other station station weight is not enough, so the injured is you! So here to promote the article or original good! Ha ha!

push station network www.tu>

two, the instability of external links. Do not use a large number of mass software links, although this can let you get some short-term effects, but the bulk of the link advertisement is too strong, often blocked, resulting in external links decreased sharply over a period of time, the factors of instability are also sensitive to the love of Shanghai. So webmaster propaganda should release the quality of some of the articles, not only can improve the readability, and if it can be recommended to the webmaster nets (A5, left behind, CHINAZ) would then increase the common acquisition, external links number will be many, but the stability and quality have great promise.

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