Little joke seven elements to write a good title

five, Art beats nature., what does it mean? Is borrowed from the title, play a stick knocked people on the boat effect, write a catchy title, I think we all dream of things. The best can regard him as a network of hot words, it is more cow.

six, a utility, like the same content, title also can’t say just exaggerate, boast, use a lot of exaggeration, this is only in harm yourself, because you lied to the user, when the user enters your website through your title, found with the title did not match the content then, users will feel you deceive him, will give your website a death sentence.


a good title? Is to please the user, but also useful to the user. Whether it is original, pseudo original, all cannot do without a good attractive title. So good and attractive Title How to write? This little joke to some little experience to share personal title just feel good, also count, to the user feel good that’s really good title, good title to the birth of several key elements, below we list:

four, keywords, and is not easy to be found is specially added, the webmaster, is definitely one of the best, the title of the key words can make people easy to remember your website, is undoubtedly a good way to much publicity.

seven, temporarily so much, like a good title for the doors of the house, a good door, can let the stranger is very interested in a bad door, let a person produce disgust, so you too, good people will be rewarded, such as a chain to the younger brother (贵族宝贝 www.xiaobud贵族宝贝) little joke Daquan feeds, is forbidden to chain guy, accountability.

three, creative, creative and attractive alike, but there is not creative idea is to appeal, you develop your own head, and Lenovo a great interest in the title, can instantly put people to retain the kind of state.

two, the second is attractive, when it comes to attraction, is actually the network that the user experience. Take an article for example, what is the first article in the search engine’s title?! your article is well written, but the title is not enough to attract people, like that at the door put a rope. Who will come to see the content.

is simple and easy to understand, don’t like those ancient person on the like, who will go to see ah, unless it is ancient literature lovers. Easy to be understood to use the most simple expressions of the article briefly, that is used to compress into a very hard to generalize the essence of the content, the full text of the words, but not too long.

What is the definition of

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