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is determined to go up and rally against Jingdong

now, Liu Shuang to "world network business ·, manager" opened.

Liu Shuang said, the purpose of entrepreneurship is simple, this is not what ideal, really not, I am a grassroots. I want to verify this: can I do it myself,

for journalists, Liu Shuang is a complicated interviewee. Ask him the electricity supplier industry, he hesitate to share, encountered the topic of interest is excited; if the former owner of the Jingdong chatted about the topic, he asked if the rumor out of duty; his own story, especially the details of experience and NOP in the past, he did not say killed, and will prevent discrimination you are responding directly to the "what to say", or "say these are

changed the general service model of IT project, solve the multi-party cooperation "pain points" project service: take the task of free occupation who do not need to participate in the business process, need not be responsible for the results; provide the corresponding platform tools, and offer a transparent process; the need for a simple job to pay a higher price, once the freedom of occupation turnover, platform assigned to new, new tasks according to the previous record to continue to work, this is the fundamental difference between sesame development and others subcontract or Crowdsourcing platform.

if you have your own development team or have outsourced your project to other teams, you can still use sesame to develop your own project. On the one hand, the project management platform can use sesame development, including project documents, meeting with milepost, demand, function module, flow chart, project snapshots, Bug tracking and many other management tools; on the other hand, you can call the sesame development project management role work guarantee project quality, safety and project landing.

‘s interest in electricity providers dates back to Liu Shuang’s College days. Before and after 2000, or the marketing students Liu Shuang to see a book, the book describes the concept of global e-commerce and magnificent prospects about the Amazon, eBay, Alibaba micro-blog and other enterprises of the story, outline a concept: e-commerce can change the world.



if the electricity supplier likened to a "Jianghu", that Liu Shuang should be regarded as a master. And all the people will pay attention to master, surrounded by Liu Shuang aura – NOP fashion brand co-founder and former assistant president of Jingdong, said "V" aka veryls sent generation electricity supplier ideological moderator, but often ignored his experience in a master before that. As Liu Shuang said in his description, before entering the Jingdong, he was a move to several B2C after 80 young men.

fees, the platform receives an additional 60% overhead. At present, there are more than 200 workers in the platform, with more than 200 projects and more than 57000 hours of work. >

Liu Shuang’s way of answering questions is impressive. If you ask him about a person’s data, he will ask you who you are, what he or she has, and what circumstances he says. A string of questions, Liu Shuang will give their own judgments – often only one or two words, not necessarily accurate, but often have goods and attitudes.

In terms of

Liu Shuang is a complicated interviewee,


text / world network reporter Qi Yu

"believe it when you were young," Liu Shuang said. Because he believes that after graduation, choose to directly participate in the cause of electricity supplier. In 2006, Liu Shuang worked in the network, and to e state 365 digital network, Jingdong four enterprises. "

‘s experience of leaving the Jingdong to start a business attracted a lot of media attention, but he often declined directly to the media. "PR is not biased, but a lot of things are not yet ripe," Liu Shuang said the future is not clear, so do not want to dare not talk nonsense, and say the words to stand the test of time".

sesame development is a platform for providing project services. Project services IT project, including website construction, business development, APP development, WeChat public development, WeChat small program development, and the knowledge and skills of project, including UI design, graphic design, demand analysis, data analysis etc..

sesame development is different from the general subcontracting and package, customers can not directly release project requirements through the platform, workers can not accept projects or competition projects. Sesame development always arranges suitable projects for workers and arranges suitable workers for projects. The most prominent feature is that sesame development is the implementation of the work time system, rather than project bidding system.



project process will be the project manager to coordinate the work schedule in which real-time viewing, general staff will not deliberately, because after the end of the project will have relevant professional personnel assessment, once found that deception will cancel the rights and interests of the staff on the platform. When the project is completed, the client will make the payment according to the working hours, the process is transparent, the quotation is transparent, and the platform will be charged a certain amount of management fee.


platform staff are divided into 9 levels, different levels of charges vary. The core of the platform is scheduling the workers to complete the project". The worker has both subordinate workers who are affiliated with the platform and workers from sesame development partners. No matter what kind of workers, sesame development, scheduling, participation projects must be through sesame development, assessment, and access to sesame development certification. Similarly, the project has both a platform attached project and a project from a partner.

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