How to make the website data analysis of Shanghai dragon clear

2, analysis of the

spider log, also is the trace spider climb your site left (data), see the spider grab what page, not grasping what page, grab the page so much the same. When you know these data, you have to like the way how to let the spider to access what did not visit the page, how to let the spiders don’t grab the number of the same page too much. The spider grab your page is not necessarily the final number of crawlers, spiders to crawl the page for the analysis, if it is found that the quality of low or repetitive pages may be search engine delete.


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3, the statistical data analysis, analysis of what page is the user the most, which is the most searched keyword is the user, the user’s residence time and so on. Based on user experience data, determine which users welcome page, strengthen the optimization of these pages. Through the web site of data analysis, to maximize the interests of website, including website traffic, conversion rate and income. For site traffic, we also know that only a part of optimization, flow can be obtained through many ways, such as network promotion, Forum promotion, QQ group promotion and so on, this is just a part of the Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai Longfeng optimization, keyword ranking is very important, but for the industry website, ranking only is not enough, if you have no keyword up, traffic and revenue, it is futile. It is to do so only website optimization bring traffic to the site, it is in order to profit. How can we achieve this effect? Before we said how to analyze the website is more conducive to the website optimization, and now is that the data on the website through the analysis of website optimization, the best of Shanghai dragon.

keyword, to analyze the search keywords from the user’s perspective, keywords and the level of difficulty to analyze keywords benefit. As for keyword analysis in the optimization of the work is very important, the user is through your keywords to find your website. Keywords optimization should be easy to do difficult, the most easy to do user search keywords to do up, some of the main keyword best not to spend too much time, because we all know that the main keywords in traffic accounted for only less than 5% so stay.

and Shanghai dragon’s mission is to find the target customers, do optimization target user keywords, to maximize website traffic, for example. If your site through some ways, such as bidding, network promotion, daily browsing 10000IP, and closing the list of 100 single, so the conversion rate is only 1%. And you by Shanghai dragon, find the target users, according to the optimization of the website of the IP, every day 1000, and closing the list 100, the conversion rate is 10%. I think the boss wants is second, and the first case is definitely a way to promote spending more, it can highlight the advantages in Shanghai dragon? So Shanghai dragon is not simple.

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