The site was linked to horse how to solve

, the initial password is mostly admin. So you got a web application the first thing is to modify the account password". You don’t use the account password in the previous point, in particular. As with letters numbers and symbols. In addition, the best password more than 15. If you use SQL you should use special account password, do not use what admin like, otherwise it is easy to be invaded.

The first step:

program to prevent unknown vulnerabilities, you can delete the background management program in the maintenance of the landing page, the next maintenance by FTP upload.

create a robots.txt Robots can prevent the use of effective search engine hackers to steal information.

often has to backup the database and other important documents.


ASP program administrator username and password should have certain complexity, cannot be too simple, but also pay attention to regular replacement.

to modify the background file name changes in the background of validation documents. The second step: to modify the CONN.ASP, prevent the illegal downloads, and also can be used to modify CONN.ASP in database encryption. Step third: Modify >

horse horse prevention and recovery measures

to the regular website to download the ASP program, the database name and storage path changes after download, database file name must also have certain complexity.

recommends that users to upload and maintain web pages through FTP, try not to install the ASP upload procedures.

to daily maintenance, and pay attention to whether there is a ASP file in the space of unknown source or origin. Remember: a sweat, a safe

on the web page background management program landing page links.

call to the ASP upload procedures must carry on identity authentication, and only allow people to use the trust upload program. This press release, including a variety of mall and forum, as long as you can upload files to the ASP authentication

station after a period of time can always hear what site was linked to horse, what the website was hacked. As the horse invasion seems to be a very simple thing. In fact, the invasion is not simple, simple is the necessary safety measures of your site is not well. You can secure web site security from sine to do security maintenance if possible.

horse recovery measures:

Whether it is business or not to modify the account password The ! Detection of

and regular security on the site, can use the Internet to some specific tools, such as sinesafe web Trojan detection tools

once found the invasion, unless you can identify all the Trojan files, or to delete all files.

Don’t call

program is to try to keep the latest version.

The !

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