On the website of Shanghai dragon four optimization factor is what

1, a long tail keywords bring traffic may not be much, but how many long tail keywords bring traffic, this is the 28 principle.


here on the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization of four factors: what is

fourth: the construction of the chain

the first targetWhat is the

I think the target keywords it is home to optimize.

second: the long tail keywords

target keywords? We can to understand, the most simple said the site of the primary key, I is the keyword to bring the main flow. These are your keywords ranking in the search engine hope above is the front, do you think your users will search words.

network technology and other top sail website do a lot about the keywords of Shenzhen Shanghai dragon outsourcing such as on my website and prosperity, so that a search engine will think 贵族宝贝ssky.cc/ rankings should appear in search of " the word Shenzhen Shanghai dragon outsourcing "search results; when users search for Shenzhen Shanghai dragon outsourcing, I the website will get good rankings

The word "

here I cite a simple example, a large bookstore, there will always be a very basic best-selling book, even some small bookstore book to his entire Bookstore eighty percent sales, the best-selling book can be said to be the target keywords bookstore or bookstore.

2, long tail keywords bring traffic is generally accurate, can effectively improve the site’s conversion rate of

The main reason is: I

" in Shanghai Longfeng believe I believe browsing in A5 friends, already not unfamiliar, but the Internet has too much of this on some general methods of optimization of Shanghai dragon.

what is the long tail keywords? Also extended the above example, a bookstore sales is a big, big reason is that he has sold a bookstore selling books, but can only sell the best-selling book, he has every kind of thousands on thousands of book, the best-selling book in addition to other books can be identified as long tail keywords.

then I will system website how to do Shanghai dragon to carry out a detailed description.

what is the anchor text? A keyword above include a link anchor text is, I think most of the time is in Shanghai Longfeng optimization ranking is around the core to do the anchor text.

third: anchor text keywords

is the other key words long tail keywords outside of a website except for targeted keywords, Xiao Bian think long tail keywords is very important, as far as possible the mining

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