How to make the site optimization by suffering into happiness

keyword is divided into two parts and long tail keywords site title. The site title is very important, so the writing of the title of the site and must be finalized and the site contents are closely related, to ensure that the primary key position, at the same time related keywords, but need to pay attention to is not the accumulation of key words. At the same time in the production site, write the web page description and web page keywords, there will be an unexpected effect. Note: most of the current search engine when the read page keyword, read the first paragraph of the text ", most of the search engine is currently not supported" description.



3. has practical significance for the site.

web content regardless of the circumstances in which are the most important, also suitable for long tail keywords, and the long tail keywords is more important, "excellent content will make the search engine on the site of the friendly degree is greatly improved, higher search engine ranking points: even on the Internet has been advocating" content is king". Thus the content of the page for the importance of the site.

The content of the original

here Xiaobian improve the site from search engine results ranked five aspects carries on the elaboration, the five aspects are: keywords and website content and links (within the chain and the chain), the spider, the site right down the daily maintenance treatment method, site.

2. unified navigation column and site content. Intelligent search engine when determining the site and basic human judgment is the same level, so the specific content of the website column and set the column to maintain a high degree of correlation with the site theme.

Keywords Title

1. on the description of the website, to achieve unified title description with the content of the website. If this difference will cause conflict between search engine, the search engine to the site do drop right processing.

, a keyword and website content

features of long tail keywords for the site to bring visitors with clear objectives: visitors. Popular to say that "a top two". Reflect the long tail keywords in the search results page number: the competition is relatively small, the extreme front rank. So when setting the long tail keywords, that is closely related with the site content description, because of the words, a set of pages long tail keywords should not be too much, generally every 1 pages of the best long tail keywords, long tail keywords with a description of the site should not exceed 5.

is now the development of the Internet has come to the stage of practical application, it can be said the blood capillary hole has entered the Internet marketing. Have a good website you can on top of several salesman. The search engine is to subvert the traditional marketing model, a good relationship to the ranking of specific industries is of vital importance, or out of.

web content should be optimized from the following aspects:

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