To determine the five skills of the core keywords website

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check competitor page source file, you can find some clues from the keyword tag, a strong competitor, it often has the keywords to industry to do well researched, to select keywords from the competition perspective, often can let us save a lot of time.


to your colleagues, friends, family members, asking them to search ideas, you can often find a lot of new words, these are not your people in this industry, the thinking is often not fixed so more in line with the general restrictions and fetters, users search habits < /p>

贵族宝贝fuzhou 1, keyword tool

if you’re playing a you do website industry users, you should think about yourself, if you go to search keywords, then you can search what some words, your industry products have what characteristics, users will choose, in fact only to you for their own industry have a certain understanding, you can list a dozen keywords

in fact you for what you want to do website industry has an understanding of the future, you can choose a basic keywords, and then use the keyword promotion tools, for example, I have been in the Google keyword tool used by a word, you can get a lot of Related words, through which a related you can get more words and words, so you choose the angle will be more and more.


2 from their opponents The core keywords your website

4, the use of question and answer platform

Fuzhou Shanghai dragon blog original, please indicate the source of Shanghai dragon er贵族宝贝/

In this paper,

3, to ask the people around

you can go to love Shanghai know, Search ask or quiz platform like this, see if you search your industry users, usually ask what kind of problem, the core keywords from these problems we go to refine its own website can be targeted.

to do a website, the choice of words is the first one, choose a good word, Shanghai dragon promotion for your late solid foundation, the core of the web site keywords is the most important and difficult to determine, once the core keywords set, then later related word expansion, optimization the long tail word can have a clear route, then how can we determine the site core keywords you? I came today to share

generally from the above five aspects to choose is not a big leak out, when you after screening the five level, you can get a lot of words, and then determine the conversion rate and the strength of the opponent, combined with their own situation, you can determine the core keywords you.

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