Mogujie com June social electricity supplier breakout conversion is the key

in the recent wave of entrepreneurship, Pinterest the U.S. version of the parent model continued fiery. According to incomplete statistics, since 2010, the domestic about more than and 30 similar sites, a few days ago, the Tencent also launched similar products in · know the world.

is worth noting that some of China’s Pinterest model has been combined with the Chinese business innovation. Share with the simple picture is different, like, said the beautiful social business of this kind, they are very good reference mode Pinterest visual sharing, and combining with the traditional business model, from the birth of "natural configuration" profit model., beauty said social business model, profit model has not been found to reverse Pinterest bringing enlightenment, also on the winter rampant in 2012 to the downturn in the electricity supplier, electricity supplier into a new life and hope. The United States has institutional forecasts, from 2012 to 2015, the SocialCommerce market will grow from $9 billion to $30 billion. In the face of more and more competitors, social electricity supplier itself how to grow and develop, stand out from the homogenization of the competition with this question, the state of the entrepreneur interviewed founder June.

when interest sharing community meets "Pinterest"

June told the entrepreneur, social business this concept is not a new term, appeared as early as 2005, but it is a real fire nearly one or two years from the beginning, more precisely, is starting from the interest sharing community to meet Pinterest. is the first forum post, sharing as the main form. By March 2011, when’s day UV rose rapidly to 50 thousand, the amount of user browsing was stagnant. How will a small amount of valuable content to users with high density? "Until the chance to see the Pinterest waterfall wall", June: "integrated picture + see light suddenly link", which can meet the needs of female users to share beautiful things, also can let users enjoy the share not love shopping in "" fun. Pinterest mode in addition to the use of a large number of pictures, there is a very important feature is the content into a very thin, small things are very suitable for the user’s reading habits. The traditional SNS model, usually a post will contain dozens or even hundreds of Posts content, this may be a lot of good content submerged, cut very broken things to solve the problem. What’s more, the Pinterest model helps June solve an important problem: conversion rate.

so the same evening June outlined a general framework for the new version of, started to develop in second days, third days of the site on the line, to fourth days on the website of PV number in exponential growth, >

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