58 group introduced the first local service providers thousands of products

Business Daily News (reporter Shao Lanjie) relying on the platform class electricity supplier to develop a large flow of sales channels to become the trend of the development of group buying industry. Yesterday, the domestic local shopping mall with thousands of goods network reached a cooperation with 58 city, officially settled in the 58 buy platform. This is the 58 city open platform, settled in the first to provide local services mall.


handles network, full network and tick group in May this year, the Jingdong settled mall, thousands of network products was transferred in the Jingdong store. The selection of the 58 city to carry out in-depth cooperation, said thousands of network products, positioning 58 city classified information platform inclusive and extensive; on the other hand, the target user group and the service life of the local consumer groups a higher degree of coincidence, by means of the cooperation covering a wide range of people.


1000 products reached a cooperation with 58 city, 58 city will be in the group purchase platform to grab from thousands of network products to local service for the sale of goods, the two sides will form a complementary services in the local life commodity, user and traffic etc..

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