Multi trade how to become a B2B platform in the business of Fighters

data show that since 2013, although revenue B2B business platform scale is increasing, but almost every platform are facing varying degrees of homogeneous competition, customer willingness to pay and reduce the net profit to decline significantly and other issues. The reason can be attributed to 3 aspects: 1) does not solve the problem of integrity authentication, false product information and company information overwhelming; 2) polymerization did not do business information, does not reflect the significance of the B2B platform; 3) have good customer guidance and training, leading to customer wasting a lot of time in the dark in the process of. It is precisely because of the existence of these problems, multi trade is determined to have the ability to break the status quo, not only for the optimization of the above issues, but also on the premise of in-depth study of the user on a number of innovations and revision. Here, the small series for all of us to resolve this special B2B platform.


one. Own product library ( and Enterprise Library channel: high quality business information

through the design of interactive pages, business users can quickly open their own electricity supplier in the multi trade travel, complete the company’s basic information, you can own the exclusive shops. Multi trade also designed a number of sets of shops templates, allowing customers to choose to create a personalized shop. After opening the shop, you can upload their product information. In order to mobilize the enthusiasm of users, multi trade has taken a limited number of products to upload the strategy, the company can operate all of their products are released to the multi trade. The most important thing is that the multi trade will be carried out on each enterprise information and product information for manual audit, to ensure that all business information on the platform are authentic. Regardless of suppliers or wholesalers, in the multi trade to enjoy the convenience of e-commerce services, without fear of false information and malicious harassment, wholeheartedly business!

two. To create a unique trade circle ( channel: massive opportunities under control of

B2B platform are not short of information, lack of information integration. Many trade cumulative number of years of experience, research and development of mining and data analysis system based on B2B data, the effort to build a trade channel, intelligent integration and push based on perfect, so that all customers feel the channel information and the quality of trade. Here, without disturbing the dense text, not pop out of order. Yes, it is the industry classification and the latest trade information. Just need to register the multi trade business members and opened the business enterprise can be released after trade information. The latest trade information will be top to the trade circle channel home, ensure fair trade information display to the greatest extent.

three. Minimally invasive new features, such as you to experience

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