A million yuan worth of charm city domain name

We focus on the domain name www.0359.net

source to do a "2006 year Chinese top ten charm city – Yuncheng portal, providing information and convenient service for friends from all walks of life, but also for the promotion of Yuncheng, Yuncheng, the revitalization of Yuncheng construction of a modest force.

www.0359.net domain has gone through an unusual process. In March 9, 2002 a named Ye Jianfeng Kang Jie secondary school alumni registered this domain name, used to do alumni. Due to not timely renewals, May 19, 2005 by www.enom.com website registered by auction, starting price of $30. Finally by professional "rice farming" Daqing City nine days network studio Mr. Qin went for $50 to. Consider this domain has a huge potential appreciation of space, in May 24, 2005 we bid 800 yuan to buy the domain name from the hands of Mr. qin. In January 29, 2006 we established Yuncheng comprehensive portal – "Yuncheng today", including columns: news, software download, download movies, free hosting, Yuncheng forum, blog, "Yuncheng Jinshiyuan" and other friends. Since the station so far, traffic soared, generated a huge response in local users. Period, often someone bid to buy www.0359.net domain name, the price ranging from 1000 yuan to 5000 yuan, I do not want to clinch a deal.

in the process of the portal, we also encountered a variety of problems, in view of Yuncheng at the portal company too complex and highly irregular, it is difficult to form a climate, through the objective analysis on the current situation, we finally decided to the official website of portal from the transition to professional software — "Hedong Station Software Park", aims to establish a machine tool station for everyone, for the convenience of more software enthusiasts and computer users, since the transition we learned a lot, and has made gratifying achievements. Hedong software park has more than 1 thousand and 700 software and all kinds of games, and constantly updated every day. Since November 2, 2006, Yuncheng won the top ten charm city Chinese, is constantly asking www.0359.net domain name pricing, this domain has a great appreciation of space, but also shows our website is very successful. The sale of this site is not our original intention, we just want to use the site as a platform for the development of our own brilliant cause. In December 2, 2006, I was consulted with the transfer of domain names, and the price was set at 10 thousand yuan, and we did not have to heart.

www.0359.net belongs to our own stage! How much heart stage be big! Now, we are on the stage of this dance, silently, I believe that one day, when we opened the curtain, Taiwan will be surrounded by flowers, Taiwan will be

waves of applause!

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