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Taobao after the introduction of the balance of treasure, the reaction from all walks of life. This is equivalent to the bank and the business, but as Taobao, this is just the beginning. When the balance of treasure storm just over 2 months, Taobao new tactics. Alipay will support the overdraft consumption, the mobile phone for the majority of the party is really a welfare.

We all know that

credit card overdraft consumption, now owned by Taobao, Alipay began to implement this measure, Taobao users can no longer bound debit card or credit card when shopping, and can directly overdraft consumption, the maximum limit of 5000 yuan, the consumer overdraft funds will be generated and Taobao Cooperation Bank for payment. Of course, credit is not free, will produce 0.8% to 1% of the fees, and this part of the costs will be borne by businesses or customers. And this also means that more and more close to the signs of Taobao network finance.

as for the validity of credit payment, in 38 days of interest free period of payment will not generate other charge again, but when more than this period will be charged 50% of the benchmark interest rate. If the overdue situation, Taobao will first SMS notification, and speech collection, finally will be artificial collection even on-site collection, after the collection of the year was not repayment, it will be canceled Alipay account.

The Alipay

overdraft plan, in March this year began to Taobao, Tmall mall merchants, consumers only the service line, initially piloted in several big province, will slowly spread to the whole nation. I hope this overdraft service can exist, for more people like online shopping to provide convenient services.

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