Analysis of the prospect of e commerce outsourcing


first, the background of the electricity supplier outsourcing services


1.1 Internet trends

in recent years, with the further development of the Internet to the industry, more and more traditional industries began to hit the Internet, e-commerce as an important branch of the Internet elements, which also attracted traditional industries hitherto unknown properties of the eye. According to the 2010 annual report of China’s e-commerce market data monitoring report, in the next 5-10 years, the overall level of e-commerce in China is expected to continue to develop rapidly and is expected to lead the world.

is such a market based on the situation, a large number of traditional industries began to touch the Internet, convenient to ride through the electronic commerce on the Internet, thus driving to the commercial capital of the other side. Therefore, in such a market stimulus, a large number of traditional industries began in recent years have entered the field of electronic commerce industry, after several years of exploration, the size of the market Chinese today’s e-commerce has accounted for a certain proportion of the market. But for the China current e-commerce market, a large number of traditional industries involved in electronic commerce promoted the prosperity of the industry, the traditional enterprises have Internet access, the expansion of the online retail market, seemingly passive behavior, it is the only way which must be passed.

Chinese electronic commerce after 10 years of experience, the shopping environment is becoming increasingly mature, nearly two years of online retail sales continue to double. 2009 258 billion 600 million, doubled over the previous year, in 2010, more than doubled over the previous year, in. This growth trend, the Internet has been integrated into the daily lives of consumers, the traditional business is not on the line, but also when?

1.2 why choose electricity supplier outsourcing

for the traditional enterprise, into the e-commerce market is not simple, is not an electronic on the business, but not a business can get its benefits. In 2011, the traditional enterprise into e-commerce is the trend of the times, but choose which way to enter, there is great stress. Some self built electricity supplier team, some of the investment in a mature electricity supplier companies, and some outsourcing to professional e-commerce platform, each with its own reasons, but regardless of the process or the results are not the same. The first two of the high cost of investment, management is difficult, and the biggest advantage of outsourcing is a high starting point and low cost. Therefore, NOKIA, Motorola, HTC, Sony Ericsson, Dopod and other well-known mobile phone manufacturers on the choice of outsourcing, its good results prove the correctness of the selection of outsourcing. The main advantages of e-commerce outsourcing are:

one is the specialization of talents. Electronic commerce is becoming more and more popular, professional talent is very rare, and most of the traditional enterprises is the lack of such talent, if the establishment of a professional e-commerce team, not only a large investment, but also very slow. Professional e-commerce platform has a professional team, is to eat this bowl of rice, from the site to

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