Tanabata Valentine’s day as an example to analyze how to win in the electricity supplier melee

today is the Valentine’s day once a year Chinese the Qixi Festival, presumably a lot of lover like the gigolo knit in hand. Are you ready to give him or her a gift to express your love on this memorable day,


is a well-known website according to statistics, in the past has been Chinese Valentine’s Day is less than 50%, but in just a few years, Chinese people have the Qixi Festival as a lover than a holiday, on this day. People usually give each other gifts to express love. This also led to a new round of e-commerce holiday marketing melee. A few days before approaching the Qixi Festival, the situation is particularly fierce. In the face of consumer consumption continues to focus on holiday trend, facing the increasingly fierce melee holiday marketing electricity supplier, as an e-commerce company if you want to come out on top in the melee should set up the new holiday online marketing concept, fully meet the consumer demand for the holidays. The following author with the help of the three key points need to focus on the analysis of the Tanabata plot.

first, dare to innovate

as an e-commerce business must be clear about their product positioning, understanding of our target consumer spending habits, to their advantage to the fullest. On this Valentine’s day the Qixi Festival as an example, the main target users this holiday to young people, and exchanging gifts between lovers is Valentine’s Day customs, and how to choose a good gift which is really a lot of Valentine’s headache. As shown below, we can see that in just a few days the word search volume soared to 4500.


if you just stay in the flowers or chocolate, then you can only say that out, this time we can cater to the tastes of young people, to provide some creative products and display design, will be the favorite of young men and women.

second, the details determine success or failure

e-commerce industry compared with the traditional line trading is the biggest difference than the e-commerce industry transactions more convenient, more clear display of goods. This requires us to start in some detail, so that our e-commerce site more humane. In the Taobao Tanabata Festival as an example to the feelings of the point of contact to play big marketing cards, such as the following figure Taobao Tmall search love Valentine’s Day special page.


in the above picture we can see that the theme page for the cosmetics page, each group of products are displayed to join a unique commitment to love. In this small details of the deal, so that each product is full of love. This design can arouse the desire of consumers to buy, and ultimately lead to sales.

third, service security

do you still remember the November 11, 2011 Day promotional activities, promotional activities for the time.

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