From 1 yuan domain name in 2007 China’s virtual hosting market

According to official statistics, currently has 3 million registered domain name, and the about 1900000 international domain name registration, this set of data settling some characteristics of the history of the Internet development in China, the domestic Internet users generally use the international domain name, and ignore the importance of domestic domain, compared with other developed countries, the domestic Internet, Internet users to understand the domain name and a relatively large gap. In order to promote the development of China’s Internet, national authorities in the Ministry of information industry, the State Council Information Office and China Academy of Sciences, the State Council Information Office and other support, launched by the CNNIC to promote the CN domain name one yuan experience CN domain name "universal application". The event caused a great sensation in the country, the registered amount in the afternoon of March 7th continued to rise, is bound to have a great impact on China’s 2007 virtual hosting market.

A large number of

Second, speed and stability. As a kind of network service, the most important thing is the stability of the system. Stability of the virtual host of the online rate, but also directly related to whether the site can be accessed. The performance of the virtual host depends on the configuration of the server, bandwidth and speed, bandwidth and speed, the server’s negative.

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