The common problems and solutions encountered when the Baidu theme suspension

1 on Baidu suspension promotion, will affect the search engine to the site’s collection and ranking it?

many webmaster have similar concerns, the answer is absolutely not, the theme of suspension and other promotional form is different, the essence is the same, search engine is the same, on the extension of the suspension of your site and ranking will not have any effect.

2 suspension is how to promote valuation, unit price?

(1) billing: the current suspension of the use of CPC billing method, that is, click the billing

(2) compared with the topic description, the topic link:

on the whole, the subject of the suspension of the unit price has been greatly improved than just launched, with the promotion of customers have entered, the overall price will continue to click on the rise. As the theme to promote the theme, theme and suspension links in different forms, usually the click rate will be higher, and the decision factors of return is flow rate, click rate and price, so webmaster, comprehensive assessment of suspension promotion income.

3 put on the expansion of the promotion, how to gain revenue while ensuring the user experience?

Baidu suspended promotion maximum consideration on the user experience, without changing the structure of the page, the maximum to avoid blocking the text page, click on the area and operation area separately to prevent delays, the user closes the simple, flexible display, on most websites that can be done at the same time increase the income guarantee of user experience, need only by carefully setting the following steps:

(1) allows suspension to appear only on the left, right, or both sides of the

click on the custom suspension effect, you can set the position of the suspension of the side bar appears, the current optional left, right or bilateral launch.

(2) simple settings, so that the suspension does not block the promotion of web content

At present,

webmaster can be set in the "custom suspension effect", so the suspension side bar according to the automatic positioning of the page width or the browser always welt positioning, taking into account the narrow screen users, webmasters can also set the "show" only when the resolution width greater than 1024 pixels, to maximize the user experience (may reduce in addition, Baidu revenue) Butler also can achieve this functionality.

(3) can be set to suspend with the screen scroll or always fixed

click the "custom suspension effect" on the suspension of the rules ", you can choose the theme of suspension always follow the scroll bar display, always in the visitor’s sight; also can choose to display content and display the page with the suspension, the suspension does not follow the theme of the scroll bar display, when the scroll bar slide down to a certain extent when the suspension will leave the viewer view of theme.

(4) can be set to allow users to turn off the total suspended

in the process of style design, Baidu as much as possible

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