Han Ma Gu heads south Korean National Museum opened Tmall


technology news May 18th afternoon news, South Korean Deputy Prime Minister Cui Jionghuan and the Alibaba group chairman of the board Ma jointly announced in Seoul, the Alibaba group with the South Korean government officially launched the global electricity industry’s first National Museum of Korea Pavilion "". The museum incorporates Alibaba group, Tmall, Alipay, rookie network, go a number of core business.

Ma Yun at the opening ceremony said: "South Korea Pavilion is the Alibaba group and the South Korean government to start the first national pavilion, China consumers will be more convenient to buy Tmall by Korean goods. In the future, Ali will cooperate with the government to open more national pavilion to help overseas quality brands, and more SMEs to enter the Chinese market, serving Chinese consumers."

today is Cui Jionghuan and Ma met again, the two sides announced the launch of the Korean Pavilion is the first to reach a number of cooperative consensus plan before landing. Earlier, South Korean President Park Geun hye in August 2014 had received a MA in Chong Wa Dae. Then at the end of January 2015, Cui Jionghuan and his entourage also came to Hangzhou to visit the headquarters of the Alibaba ma.

in the past twice during the meeting, Pu Jinhui and Cui Jionghuan respectively and Ma ROK in electronic trading system, improve logistics efficiency and education, product certification services and other areas of cooperation reached consensus, also stressed the need for small and medium-sized enterprises to enter the South Korean Alibaba China market to provide more convenience, Ali will also expand in China and Korea culture the scope of communication also plays an important role. The two sides also jointly announced that Alipay cross-border settlement services, cross-border logistics and other areas of comprehensive strategic cooperation. The opening of cross-border settlement, integrated logistics services directly for more South Korean companies through Alipay, such Chinese consumers through Alipay in may complete the purchase, booking, payment of the Korean companies online mall, Alipay also to South Korean companies to provide a complete set of cross-border settlement solutions.

South Korea Pavilion "landing Tmall to become South Korea’s Deputy Prime Minister Cui Jionghuan and Ma met on the same day, the most important content, this is the South Korean government and the Alibaba based on the" high degree of consensus based so that the world is not difficult to do business on both sides of the "frequent interaction of the fruit. "South Korea Pavilion" opening, will help both sides in shopping, tourism, culture and other aspects of substantive help South Korean small and medium enterprises to enter the market at the same time China, truly meet people on the Korean China imports, outbound consumer demand of South Korea and Korean cultural entertainment constantly broke. Attended the grand opening of the Museum of Korea and South Korea International Trade Association KITA and Korea agro aquatic products circulation association aT relevant person in charge, "Korea Pavilion" is completed and the two Alibaba group association has been urged to promote the results.

in addition, the two sides also announced the same day, China and South Korea comprehensive strategic cooperation in the field of cross-border logistics and Ali will be formally trained young Korean internship program. As a Alibaba personnel training project is the first phase of globalization, 100 South Korean young people will be in early July to the headquarters of the Alibaba began a three month study, to further.

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