Global 10% domain name server is still in the state of nudity

According to a survey of an Internet server security in open worldwide as the content of

, more than ten percent of the Internet domain name system (DNS) server security risks still exist, there is a possible attack time.

Liu DNS Cricket Infoblox

company experts commissioned the annual survey said that the safety performance of the Internet domain name system server is still very fragile, even after a few months since the DNS vulnerability has been blocked and correction.

"it is estimated that the total amount of the global domain name system server in 11 million 900 thousand or so, and more than 40% allow arbitrary access to any user. Among these open domain name servers, 1/4 of the software is not installed patches, so that there are about 1 million 300 thousand domain name server security performance in the bare state." Infoblox architecture vice president Cricket Liu.

in July of this year, security researcher Dan Kaminsky revealed a DNS security vulnerability. Dan Kaminsky said at the time, at least 52% of the world’s DNS server does not update the server to plug this loophole.

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