Ali’s three largest shopping platform Tmall president was dismissed

Alibaba announced the

group before the China retail platform’s (Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan) for unified planning and management, the appointment of Zhang Jianfeng as president of Chinese retail platform manager, reporting to the Ali group, COO Zhang Yong, and Wang Yulei was relieved of the post of president of Tmall.

Ali Group official said, this is Ali internal normal personnel adjustment, the adjustment will strengthen the resource integration and unified planning between the various platforms, and to strengthen and protect the organizational form. As for Wang Yulei’s new appointment has not yet been announced.

data show that Zhang Jianfeng, one of the partners of Alibaba, vice president of Alibaba group, the person in charge of Taobao. In July 2004 he joined the Alibaba group as technical architect, later in the day the cat and the Alibaba responsible for Juhuasuan in March 2014 to become the president of Wang Yulei is also in 2004 into the Alibaba, he served as Alibaba business and marketing manager, operation Department deputy director, senior director, Wang Yulei in March 2014 to replace Zhang Jianfeng as the Alibaba Tmall group division president, responsible for Tmall and Juhuasuan.

adjustment for the Tmall management, industry insiders, Wang Yulei was free or double 11 single brush problems involved, especially the hammer event and Tesla settled the issue, in addition, Juhuasuan channel expansion, operational failure leads to flow cutting head, the reason is obvious decline in performance is also the personnel.

the personnel transfer, or marking a new round of regulation and adjustment of Ali is about to begin. Tmall had previously announced in March 9th will begin the implementation of the new directional investment policy, the policy and the future of Tmall traffic distribution, business reshuffle, product quality control, combat counterfeiting and other issues are closely related. The Ali China unified retail platform, will be conducive to better fight against counterfeit and Ali group.

Alibaba previously mentioned in the prospectus in IPO’s "Chinese retail platform" China contains the largest online shopping destination, China the largest third party retailers and brands Tmall and Chinese platform, the most popular group purchase website of Juhuasuan, this integration has long been planning. Ali group’s personnel appointment and removal of the notice also mentioned, "we expect the new team to achieve" universal Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan quality activity "in support of all the territory." Reporter Wu Linlin

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